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Services offered:

1. Tools for doing trade both manually and automatically using our strategies to choose from, with the ability to make your own settings and change the recommended values.

2. The ability to trade up to 6 exchanges: Binance, Okex, Huobi, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Exmo simultaneously more than 4426 different crypto pairs. Pair updates every day at 01-00 GMT 0.

3. View consolidated balance from all exchanges in one report.

4. Place multi-orders at once for all exchanges or delete any order or strategy with one click from one screen.

5. A single structured register of active orders and deals for the cryptocurrency pairs you have added in your settings.

6. Monitoring and getting notifications of events (for example: Pamp, Dump, compleated order in strategy, scheduled balance, errors, lack of balance, pause in bot operation) in Telegram: AksoNet_bot or in mail.

7. Selection of articles, trend analysis, online assistant for trading.

8. All management in one place without authorization on your exchanges.

! All API keys must be created without the possibility of withdrawal, and only have rights:

-Monitoring / Info;
-The possibility of trade;

Some exchanges have an API key expiration date, for example Huobi, up to 89 days. Do not forget to follow this. There is also an additional account number, without which there is no possibility to trade and see your balance, but We will determine it automatically. Before being sent to the stock exchange, all your APIs are encrypted with certain algorithms. Interception of your keys is completely excluded.

If there is no data on any stock exchange in the balance sheet or on orders and deals, it means that it was temporarily in Maintenance mode or DDos attack on the servers. Use our trading bots tools for automated trading on exchanges that cannot be done manually. The essence of the methods set out in our strategies. Our trading system does not use any signals from traders for any subscriptions, and certainly not selling such information! All such recommendations, we can only spread in the public domain in the section "Articles and market analysis" with reference to the author or source.