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The purpose of creation:

- At first, this platform was created for the convenience of conducting our own trades, but then after scamming of some exchanges, we decided to transfer these tools for everyone so that each person could reduce his risks to a minimum, more exchanges - fewer risks, so:

1. To create an open single trading platform for managing and checking balances, crypto active assets that are forced to be distributed into different exchanges Binance, Okex, Huobi, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Exmo in order to minimize the risks of losing them in the event of a stock exchange stoppage or collapse, as has happened more than once with MtGOX, BTC-E (WEX), etc. due to the lack of due oversight and regulation at the legislative level in many countries. So by distributing your assets across 6 exchanges, your risks are already reduced to 16.67%. But trading manually on so many exchanges is already very uncomfortable and laborious. Only to log in, to view the balance, your active orders, transactions takes a lot of time, not to mention the trade and management itself.

2. To create trading tools that allow you to manage quickly and conveniently from one screen by multi-commands for different exchanges, without logging into your accounts.

3.Getting more profit by using the presented tools, strategies, trading BOTS !

4. Receiving important notifications into your mail or in the Telegram: AksoNet_bot about the situation in the market, when there is no possibility to monitor the market all the time.

5. See only those asset prices that have been added by you, cutting off unnecessary information.

6. Get more information, knowledge of cryptomarket.

7. Communication in the general chat of traders from around the world from different trading platforms.

The exchanges are presented from the TOP-4 list by rating CoinMarketCap as of the beginning of 2019, working with Fiat, plus exchanges on which it is easier to enter-withdraw national currency from different countries.