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Calculation as much as possible of the trader if he knew the course ahead:

Trading strategy by level, first we sell, then we buy lower level. On the real chart, the system can be seen as if the system behaved by levels depending on the price.

Calculations are carried out on a minute timeframe, taking into account a commission of 0.2% from each transaction. The big difference in the number of transactions between the modeling of the trader's work and the trading instrument(~BOT strategy No 3-4 ) is because if you know that you can change the rate at lower percentages of market volatility from 1-1.5% and catch all movements, trading instrument plays a higher percentage of volatility from 3-4%, but you can change it in your settings to minimize the loss of the crypt, which he can not buy back for sure, because for example, if the current market is strongly growing and with almost no corrections. Or, on the contrary, it will not have time to sell the crypt if the market is strongly falling. Then you make your own decisions to sell it on the market. In any case, the sale of the crypt goes above your price to enter the market, and the purchase is lower than the current price of starting the bot. Select different periods in the calculation and see how this affects the profit.
Ideally, when the ratios are sold and bought or bought and then sold equal to 0. Then you see net profit without taking into account exchange differences, since exchange difference, for example, with a strong upward movement of the market can take part of the profits. Therefore, trading instrument starting the strategy No 3-4 in a strongly growing market is better to start right after the pump.

Before starting the trading instrument, you can change the percentages and calculate the possible profit and necessary funding in the crypt and in Fiat. We do not show backtests, because You can calculate them yourself by choosing the period and strategies for which the BOT works, designed so that the result will never be negative, but:

1. With an ever-growing market with no kickbacks, the free crypt on the balance will be sold, plus, of course, but sold out There is a chance not to profit from exchange rate differences in the future. It will be necessary to independently re-enter the market for corrections. Therefore, it is more efficient to start the start of the trading instrument №2-3-4 immediately after the pump.
2.Each strategy can not be effective at any time and any other bot can not give a constant profit as if you are not promised, the percentage of profit is constantly changing, depending on the price movement in the market and you can check it yourself using a different period in the calculations. The only thing is that in this simulation you will not be able to change the percentage on which the trading instrument works and this is a very important seting. Change these settings in your profile.
3. Before starting to trade, evaluate the analytics for a pair, for what percentage of it pumped or dumped.