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Strategy №3 the AksoNet tool Ping-Pong +% we sell -% we buy without setting orders in advance, and when the price reaches the desired value:

Before starting the strategy, you can simulate the work of the trading instrument on real courses (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH) to USD / USDT on all the exchanges presented from the beginning of 2019. After subscribing to this trading instrument, a more detailed calculation is possible with a period selection and add. parameters to calculate the maximum profit otherwise the parameters in the form are not redacted! This strategy works on any pair with approximately the same indicators. The minimum period for such a strategy is at least 1.5 months. It is also less effective in the case of a sharp irrevocable care prices of more than 40%. In this case, there will be extra sales without the possibility of repurchase. You will need additional funding to buy and enter the market. Also in a constantly growing or constant falling market without price reversals. In such cases, reduce the number to a minimum or remove the strategy temporarily.

For START it is necessary to have at minimum x2 in the crypt in reserve and x2 in fiat in your balance of the exchange where you turn on this strategy. In case of a lack of balance, the tool will pause and wait for the release of free balance. A notification will be sent to your mail or telegram. After replenishing the balance on which the tool works, it will automatically continue working.

Tool works from any level. It is enough to enter the input parameters:

1. The desired price of entry, to which the tool does not start its work. If it is not specified, the entrance will be made at the current price !!!
2.% up,% down -% of the market price. (fine tuning of the tool). Calculations have shown that it is necessary to establish from 2% or more. You can simulate a situation and calculate the result yourself: (3-3, 3-2, 2-3, 4-4, 4-3, 3-4, 3.8-3.1 etc.)
3. Quantity - quantity by order. (x2) minimum. With strong price fluctuations, it can reach x7, this is a normal predictable situation for such a volatile market.
4. Log - after calculation, your possible profit will be recorded here based on the entered parameters.
5. Start Date, Finish Date - these are the dates for calculating how the tool worked during these periods. If we do not set, then the entire period from the beginning of 2019 to the current minute is selected.
6. Further Calculation. View results. Recommendations for possible funding for the work of the tool (depending on the falling or growing market).
7. In the case of a decision - START.

Unlike other strategies presented, orders are not placed in advance, but at the right moment.
If for any reason the tool is stopped, after checking, to continue, click  

Strategy №4 AksoNet tool Ping-Pong +% we sell -% we redeem by placing orders in both directions

The analogy with the third strategy, but orders are placed immediately in both directions, wherever the market moves, because the price (BCH/ETH...) often passes a quick puncture and the tool of the third strategy does not have time to complete the deal, the price just slips. Also, the difference is that in the third strategy the tool monitors the rising and falling price and puts orders on certain bounces, those. gives the price to rise or fall. In the fourth strategy, orders are fixed immediately and before the first transaction is executed (sell or buy events) not reinstalled.