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Strategy №2 Stairs (Sell)

Trading strategy by level, first we sell, then we buy lower level. On the real chart, the system can be seen as if the system behaved by levels depending on the price.

Trading strategy for the established levels. There are six so called levels. We first sell, then buy off the level below. Ineffective in the case of a strong increase in prices for your level 6. All levels are calculated proportionally.

To start the strategy you need:
1. Set the entry point to the market (BuyMarket) - from this price to the percentage you specify up, the 1st level for sale will be calculated.
2. StopLoss - if a value is set, then when the purchase price reaches this level, all orders for this strategy are canceled and a market order is placed to sell the entire quantity specified by this strategy (100% of the amount).
3. 100% - the amount of crypts that participate in the strategy.
4. Level 1 - the level of the first sale, is calculated automatically.
5. Quantity Distribution - The percentage of the total quantity across 6 levels. Meaning, the higher the price, the more you need to sell.
6. Level 6 - the maximum level of sales in the event of a sharp breakdown. Must be behind a strong resistance level.
7. Carry out a Calculation, see the proposed sale levels, the number of these levels, statistical data about this pair. if it is in our statistics database, the minimum expected profit per lap.
8. If you agree to launch this strategy, click the Start button. After that, orders will be placed on the specified exchange in accordance with the established parameters. At any time, the strategy can be removed, from which all orders placed on it will also be deleted.

The system monitors your orders and checks for their presence in the established strategies. If they are absent on the stock exchange, for example, they are accidentally deleted, or lack of quantity or balance for placing new orders on the strategy, the strategy automatically stops, you will see a question mark in your strategy log.
Return the deleted order to the system does not work, you will need to remove the strategy and install it again.

Strategy №5 Sales Plan tool or Pump-Dump scheme

The tool can be used in two ways:

1. As a simple sales plan from the SellMarket price, moving +% up -% down (correction) - «Start-Now» ;
2. As a tool for automated trading when creating a model on the market: Pump-Dump - «Auto-Start» (see Crypto-Info);

"Start-Now" - this means that you are now ready to sell at the current price. But if this current price turns out to be less than the one indicated in «SellMarket», then +% up 1 will be added to the current price, for the first sale, so as not to sell below «SellMarket». If, with added interest, the price obtained is lower, then it will become equal to «SellMarket», i.e. we will not sell below! It’s like a control figure in order not to make a mistake and not to sell cheaper than the planned plan.

> SellMarket - the minimum price from which the First sale can be made, regardless of the manual or automatic start of the instrument. (set auto-start and specify this price while it is less than the current instrument will wait, even if there is a pump).
% Top 1 - does not work in Auto-mode Auto-Start (the system determines automatically the moment of the pump), as well as if the current price is already greater than or equal to SellMarket. Must be specified only for manual mode when selecting "Start-Now" .
!!! If the current price is lower than SellMarket, then only this percentage will be added to the current price and it will be set first sell order.
% Down 1 - purchase when the price falls by this percentage (Recommended value -30%);
% Top 2 - sale when price is corrected for this percentage (Recommended value + 15%);
% Down 2 - purchase 2 (Recommended value -25%);
% Top 3 - sale 3 (Recommended value + 10%);
% Down 3 - purchase 3 (Recommended value -40%);
(all percentages are entered without a minus sign!!!)
Minutes + 6% - By default, the recommended value of 40 minutes is the number of minutes for which the percentage of price growth is calculated and in case of growth by + 6% or more, a signal is generated to start this trading instrument using the Pump-Dump Model . In the final phase of Pump, price rises as quickly as possible.

Strategy №7 Balance control, breakeven, dynamic stop loss

Price tracking strategy for transferring positions at a loss (pulling up Stop-loss) and in the event of a price drop to the level of Stop-loss, selling on the market specified balance as a percentage.

To start the strategy you need:
1. % - amount of crypto that participates in the strategy. (100 - all free balance)
2. Fix Stop-loss - the price for Stop-loss should be less than the current price.
3. % Stop-loss -Stop-loss will be calculated from the current price minus the percentage you specify.
4. % Price plus –Percentage when the current price increases on it, Stop-loss (moving positions to breakeven) will move.
5.% Stop-loss plus - If the price increases by a percentage of Stop-loss, increase the current Stop-loss by the percentage indicated here.
6. Cancel orders - If the price drops to the Stop-loss level, cancel all established orders for this pair, for sale% of the entire free crypto quantity.

The system monitors the course, moves Stop-loss and, in the event of a price drop, sells on the market.