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Strategy 1 Fishing (Sell)

The following price strategy , to work with a sharp breakdown of the price up in order to sell. You must specify a % for which the limit order will be placed from the current price.

The minimum price is the price below which orders will not be rearranged if the price starts to go down, against your position for sale.

The order price changes every 7 minutes if it has changed by at least 1% or more. Breakouts usually take place in seconds, but they are not so frequent. Therefore, this strategy is long-term. All the graphs presented here are real, so there is such a strategy.

The goal is to catch such a breakdown at the percentage you specify. Recommended is 4-12%. Scroll through the chart, look at the history and set the desired profit level. For some major TOP pairs (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH) you will see statistics for the last month. Tactics are convenient if there is no time to constantly monitor the market, there is a free crypt or Fiat. It is possible to install several strategies at once, for example, to clamp the price above and below. Wherever the market moves, wait for the moment of price breakdown, for example, when collecting stops.

! Each exchange has its own requirements for the minimum quantity and minimum amount for the order. The system checks all your entered parameters automatically.

Strategy №1 Fishing (Buy)

   The strategy of following the price trend, to work out a sharp breakdown of the price down for buy.

   Follow the price in the automatic mode by the specified percentage

Overweight strategy №6 Full automatic (MACD/divergence, EMA, Breakeven, StopLoss, Pump/Dump, Trend)

Bot for automated trading for pairs: BTC, BCH – BCHABC- BAB, ETH, LTC к USD/USDT.
In the calculations of the trading instrument, the following are taken into account:

- Intersection exp. moving average EMA (long and short on a certain timeframe);
- Divergence;
- Percentage of take profit varying from the situation on the market for profit taking;
- It takes into account the average percentage of growth or fall, the direction of the trend, possible strong levels of support and resistance;
- Model Accounting Pump-Dump;
- Automatic transfer of transactions at a loss (automatic changing stop-loss);

StopLoss -If 0 (not specified), then in the event of a fall in the selling price, there will be no market. The transfer of positions at a loss will not work either! Amount 100% - the amount for sale at a stop loss or dump, if it is less on the balance, the actual balance will be taken. In the case of Stop Loss, the trading instrument NOT ends.

Entering and exiting a position is fully automatic. A journal of transactions with profit calculation is maintained.
For the remaining pairs, the calculations are averaged, excluding analytics for the pair. (no EMA, divergence, support and resistance levels).