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-Exchange information does not arrive:
Entered Incorrect or expired API key, or the exchange is in technical mode;

-How to choose exchanges for trading and getting balance, orders, deals:
Just enter API and Secret keys in your settings for the required exchanges. (API must be without permission to output);

-How to select cryptocurrency trading pairs, the displayed rates , and also substituted for choosing in the Graphs of rates and volumes for the period:
Add each pair in their settings for each exchange;

How do I find out ACCOUNT_ID of the Huobi Exchange:
Press the send button a couple of times, your ID will be determined automatically. On the website of the exchange itself, we did not find it;

How to connect Telegram to the Aksonet system:
1.Find Search Chats Telegram @Aksonet_Bot
2.Start the bot or send the command / start
3.Send your Email to the bot where Aksonet is registered;
4.Confirm by reference in the letter using Telegram;
5. Select in the settings what and when to receive in the Telegram;

Commands for telegram @AksoNet_Bot :
/start -Start;
@ -Connect your account with a telegram (via confirmation by email);
Out - Unlink your account from the telegram;
B or b -find out your current balance on all exchanges;
C or c - find out the current rates of your pairs on the specified exchanges;
stop - Stop all strategies;
(No more than 2 commands In one minute).

-Notifications to Telegram stopped arriving:
Date of use has expired: Balance, orders, deals, rates, manual trading. Extend the date of use.