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The time from Price range: BTC Difference The Rate of Change % of price change Volume
29/05/2023 09:39 28034.4 ... 26364.5 -1669.9 229.8 h 6 % 15391
The time from Price range: ETH Difference The Rate of Change % of price change Volume
*Increasing the price by six percent or more per 40 minutes, says about the imminent dump!


Let's look at the Pamp-Dump model:

Phase I - the beginning of rapid growth is much higher than the average weekly. The rebound is not the value of 30-40% of the total growth, because many traders begin to close positions and fix profit.

Phase II - a small flat, a set of positions before the next growth. A small rollback. because most have already closed positions and reached profit.

Phase III - Pump, the fastest growth, with little or no correction, at the very last moment, the price reaches its fastest growth. About 40 minutes before + 20% . This is an important signal in order to have time to leave the market at the maximum price. There is no endless growth. As soon as the volumes in the glass with the maximum prices reach the desired value, the manipulator resets part of its positions at the maximum price. He will reset the rest later in several phases.
Phase IV - Dump, manipulator dumping of positions to approximately -30% in the price. Everyone who did not have time to enter the market on such a growth is really looking forward to such a correction in their opinion, so the price continues to rise again. What the manipulator needs.

Phase V - Re-growth after the first wave of the dump to + 15% . After the necessary set of purchase volumes in the glass, the manipulator continues to merge its positions.

As a result, the price comes to the same level from which the pump began, but only if the volume purchased on the pump plus the one that was planned to be sold at higher prices was drained by the manipulator. Otherwise, a further set of positions and preparation for the next pump.
Everything is cyclical.

To work with such models, we created a tool: Sales Plan or Pump-Dump Scheme , as well as BOT №6
Set the sequence of percentages for sales and purchases close to the recommended ones and make Start in manual or automatic mode. See setup instructions.